Black & White murals

A styling go-to, black and white room decor is an interior design staple. By adding it to a space, black and white decor has the power to tie seemingly disparate colour combinations together or make a featured colour pop. It can set the tone of a room by defining the boundaries of the colour continuum; simple and uncomplicated, it serves to neutralise and ground the observer.

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A garden for Iris in monochrome | Mural

A garden for Iris in monochrome: wall mural A bespoke mural designed to trigger that utopian feel, you are bound to find peace with this tropical paradise as your backdrop. Escape for a while; imagine yourself in this dreamy jungle landscape, nurturing your soul in nature....

Bruce | Mural

Bruce: wall mural Be inspired to kick some arse with our Bruce mural! Disciplined, head strong and visionary, Bruce Lee was a martial arts legend. He overcame many obstacles to success, backing himself when nobody else would - a true fighting spirit....

Ancestors | Mural

Ancestors: wall mural Ever get the feeling our Ancestors are having a laugh at our expense? I guess they deserve to party for eternity after laying the foundation for our existence. What we do with our lives beyond the legacy afforded by them, is...

3 Geisha | Mural

3 Geisha: wall mural A picture of poise, our 3 Geisha mural harks back to an era of elegance and refinement. Professional artisans and skilled communicators, the Geisha or Geiko are a fountain of cultural knowledge. Ironically, although they are expert companions, geisha...