Bold & Sassy murals

Are you lively, daring and full of spirit like our bold and sassy collections? Are you adventurous enough to amplify your room decor with the red, blue and yellow of primary colours? Vibrant and dynamic, our colour popping collections will certainly make an impact in any living space.

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Dotonbori bridge | Mural

Dotonbori bridge: wall mural A riot of colour and light, standing on the Dotonbori bridge at night just makes you smile. Whether you're a big city kind of person or not, a cacophony of lights dancing with colour can be as mesmerising as...

Ganesh | Mural

Ganesh: wall mural Ganesh, the famous Hindu deity with the head of an elephant is resplendent in our mural portrait. Lord of the people and remover of obstacles, Ganesh has the ability to overcome anything that stands in his way. Looking...

Sabi | Mural

Sabi: wall mural Aptly named, our Sabi mural literally takes on the meaning of the word itself. Sabi refers to the beauty that arises from the patina of age, including the concept that things become more beautiful and valuable over time through...

Gilded | Mural

Gilded: wall mural Our Gilded mural is municipal gold! With a glowing patina, Gilded is contemporary industrial chic with an urban genesis. Bound to catch the attention of even the most discerning interiors addict, Gilded will add wow factor to your space and get those...